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The COGS Political Committee has reorganized with new bylaws, operating procedures, and  an expanded committee.  We have  talented and dedicated members working to research City Council candidates to help us determine those that support and respect the COGS values, mission and positions.

The Candidate Questionnaire was returned by the due date by three candidates-Kathy Littlefield, David Smith and Solange Whitehead.  The committee reviewed the questionnaires and made preliminary decisions.  A fourth questionnaire was returned by Linda Milhaven 10 days after the due date and was not considered.   The COGS membership was asked to complete a survey to express their opinions on endorsements, i.e., candidates to support.   After consideration of all information, we have endorsed two candidates thus far:  Kathy Littlefield and Solange Whitehead.

The COGS Political Committee will support candidates however possible, including  arranging meetings, developing fundraisers, and using social media to "get the message out."

Click on the candidate's name to read their questionnaire:

Kathy Littlefield

Linda Millhaven

David Smith

Solange Whitehead








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