COGS Political Committee

  • World Class Tourist Destination
  • Natural Scenic Views
  • Open Space
  • McDowell Sonoran Preserve
  • Low Density
  • Western Character
  • Technology and Medical Centers
  • Safe Neighborhoods
  • High Standards of Design that Compliment

        Our Neighborhoods and Community

Supporting What Makes

Scottsdale Special

About COGS Political Committee

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The Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS)  is the sponsoring advocacy group for this political committee.  It is a diverse group of civic-minded individuals and small businesses owners who encourage and monitor city government land use actions.  Our goal is more consistent Land Use policy throughout the City of Scottsdale and to protect our unique quality of life. 

The COGS Political Committee has been formed to solicit volunteers to support achievement of this goal. The COGS PC supports new development and re-development that is appropriate and consistent with the General Plan, and that provides citizens with open, fair and equal access in the decision-making process.  We believe that development should not be approved if the only tangible goal is short-term profits.  Development should only be approved if it:

  • >Benefits our residents
  • >Enhances our city's unique character
  • >Complies with Scottsdale's General Plan and    
  •   Character Area Plans

COGS PC will support council candidates who advocate to protect our city's unique character through open and accountable leadership as demonstrated by measurable actions.  We value those candidates with a history of community involvement and who have demonstrated the highest levels of ethics and honesty.